Friday, 22 February 2013

Poetry Pasties

I was really thrilled to be working for a couple of days in Veryan School on the Roseland peninsula last week, for the local Under Our Feet creative project in schools. The first morning was spent cooking and we made fantastical pasty creatures with wings and horns and tails. We spent the afternoon then working on the characters of our creatures and creating stories. Day two was spent working on atmosphere and poetry (including changing how one feels in a room by finding a special place - including the bin it would seem!), culminating in a craft afternoon where we made what can only be described as Dada poetry pasties - cardboard pasty type objects filled with lines from the children's earlier poems and descriptive work like ingredients to be shaken up to make a new recipe for a poem each time. Tristan Tzara would be proud...!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Museeme - my new blog!

Today I have launched my new project - museeme, a celebration of stuff in a virtual world - a blog which seeks to explore the definition of what a museum and curation can be, all the strange personal and public museums, archives and collections of the world, and the hidden stories and meanings behind groups of objects, places and art works. Everybody is welcome to submit ideas for featured collections, reviews, articles etc, so do check it out at, and please list it in your links if you like it.