Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shoe box world (in memory of lost games)

Site-specific diorama and oral history inspired story, London, secret pathway.

Miniature book in situ, Notting Hill

This is one for the library of the lost not found... I sometimes wonder where the ones I don't get back go - whether they have a new home or have drifted away to biodegrade back to the earth with their secrets...

Imaginary farm of London past

Handmade secret history book (to be completed by viewer) and animal sound modules, Ladbroke Grove, 2007. There was actually a farm here once so I like the idea that the ghosts of geese and cows and sheep and pigs are talking back through my recordings - the sound pads like spiritualist portals...

Bridge mobile for ghosts

Embroidery, Ladbroke Grove, 2007.