Sunday, 16 December 2012


I have always been very fond of Trilobites - they kind of remind me of giant sea woodlice, another creature I have always had a soft spot for - they even curl up in defence in the same way! So I was delighted to discover these when watching David Attenborough the other day. I had no idea they had glamorous spines and very powerful eyes for the time that unlike any other creature were not soft but had lenses made from crystal - each one completely different depending on whether they lurked under mud or swam through the ocean - some even had wrap around eyes like crystal sunglasses - some even had solid visors to protect their eyes from the light! Here are some particularly good photos of ones found in Morocco - people think they are so well preserved here as they were buried in a landslide millions of years ago. It's making me nostalgic for my I Love Trilobites t-shirt I had as a teenager to add that extra something to my indie disco outfits... If you want to read a really good book about trilobites I would recommend "Trilobite! Eyewitness to evolution" by Richard Fortey, the fabulous expert from the Natural History Museum in London.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Carnival - Coney Island 1950s

Iron lace reaching for the sky
prancing to a hurdy gurdy tune
watch how gently the silk lets you down
mountain climbing on wheels

Monday, 10 December 2012

Nosferatu hands

This is what happens when you let me and Ana out DANCING... Author shot for The City?