Friday, 25 September 2009

Strange buildings of Tbilisi

I've never quite figured out what the second building was built for, though it's one of my favourite examples of buildings that look like they could be from a 60s sci-fi film. The first building was where everyone got married during Soviet times - Christian culture was so imbedded in Georgia that they built somewhere that looked like a modern cathedral for the civil ceremonies.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Camping near Chechnya

Shatili in Khevsureti near the Chechen border is really one of the most strangely beautiful places I have ever been... And it really was on the border - I fell asleep and woke with a very comic stripy tan and a confused border guard staring down at me!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Tbilisi, party...

Green eyes flicker
like forests too
deep beneath black
hair confuses me.

House swaying and
City (so bright!) in
shudders of light - a
patchwork of disco-floors
and bright beetles
Too still! (he stared)
through youth
music too old to not be
loaded with implications
(wrong!) for now.

A small dog
scattered across the floor.

Green eyes
I wanted (wrong!)
This city I wanted too… Collect
balconies crumbled in
my pocket, a body
to smash them
to pieces where I lay
(Green eyes) I wanted…
(Breathe) through
falling stars the
grape vines dropped
shadows over echoes
I stood in

Vodka bottles
(half empty) leaving
guitars half strung for
green eyes (wrong!)
An empty home.